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A Child Called "It" True stories and novels for mature readers who like this book.
Alex Award Winners: Adult Fiction and Nonfiction with teen appeal.
Amazing Adventures: Stories of life -- or death -- in extreme situations.
Audiobooks for Teens: Experience great stories performed by awesome readers.
Award-Winning Teen Audiobooks: Fiction audiobooks selected as the best!
Belpré Award for Older Readers has some great titles, created by writers and illustrators of Latino culture.
Biographies for Teens: The life stories of fascinating people.
Body Angst: Stories about body image and eating disorders.

Books to Film: You've seen the movies. Now read the books!

Challenged and Banned Books: Here's a selection of books that have been challenged and/or banned in the U.S.
Christian Fiction and More: Books for Christian teens.
Classics - Modern are classic works published after 1950. Traditional classic works were published before 1950.
The End is Near: What happens when war or disease threaten the very survival of the human race?
Flights of Fantasy: Love Harry and Frodo? Try these terrific new worlds! Check out the Andre Norton Award list for more great reads.
Fractured Fairy Tales: Transformed versions of beloved tales.
Girl Talk: Meet savvy females and their fabulous friends.
GLBTQ: The best GLBTQ fiction and nonfiction.
Good Reads for Guys: Humor, poetry, biography, and more, just for guys. Also try Guys in Love because guys fall in love, too.

Graphic Novels: Superheroes, anti-heroes, fantasy, reality -- all in graphic form!

Historical Fiction for Teens - United States: Tales of intrigue, adventure, romance, murder, war and family strife.
Historical Fiction from Around the World: Knights and pirates, volcanoes and battles at sea -- Wish you were there? Glad you weren't? You decide.
Horrorific: Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, reincarnated deities, and crazed killers -- whether supernatural or all too realistic, these books will truly horrify you.
Hot Titles - Teens: These are the books teens themselves say are hot!
It's Due Tomorrow: Skinny books for book reports.
Laughing Out Loud: Need more LOL? Read teen fiction light!
Manga Manga: Are you an otaku? Japanese graphic novels, plus learn to draw your own manga!
My So-Called Life: Think being a teen is easy? Think again.
Mysteries for Teens: Thrillers, suspense, and crime.

New Teen Everything!

Nonfiction for Teens: Books that are informative, fascinating, exciting, and at times stranger than fiction.
Poetry for Teens: Dare to read incredible poems for and by teens.
Quick & Easy: Need an easy read? Try these ficton and nonfiction stories for teens.
Romance: Stories of love and dating. Also try Guys in Love cause guys fall in love, too.
Science Fiction: A collection of science fiction favorites old and new. Check out the Andre Norton Award list for more great titles.
Sex 101: Have questions? Need more info? Just for teens.
Sob Stories: Sometimes you just need a good cry.
Teen Readers' Lists: Book lists created by teens. Create a book list to share here.
Teens' Top Ten 2008 Nominees: During Teen Read Week in October, you can vote for your favorite on this list. See Vote on the Teens' Top Ten for more details.
Vampire Love: Love vampires and romance? This is the list for you.
War Stories: Fictional and true accounts of war experiences throughout history.
World Authors: Travel the world in books from around the globe.

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