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Student Research Center
Addresses the needs of high school students. Topics include: arts & media, English & language arts, business, careers, current issues, health, history, math, science, social studies, sports, and technology.

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Navigates you through good art resources searchable by subject, artist, medium, and more

Timeline of Art History
The Metropolitan Museum of art presents a catchy, interactive art timeline.

Voice of the Shuttle Art and Art History
Originating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Voice of the Shuttle offer various links to fine arts information, which include Art & Art History, Architecture, photography and other related sites.

current events
View the news of the day in categories from business to sports.

News Directory
Browse international newspapers and magazines in English.

National Discussion & Debate Series
Brought to you by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center of Public Affairs; this site provides actual debate information on a handful of timely topics

foreign language

Foreign Languages from
Free study help from Cliffs Notes for foreign languages!
One of the most popular language websites with language translators, dictionaries, articles, and other resources.

general reference

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American Heritage Book of English Usage
A tool to guide in the proper use of the English Language
Ask an Expert
Hook up with experts on subjects in many categories including Science/Technology and Arts/Humanities.  If you can't find the answer to your question on the site, just email the expert!

APA Styles
APA style rules for that paper

Awesome Library for Teens
Includes links to school subjects, activities, hot topics, and more!

Citation Machine
Helps you in your effort to respect other people's intellectual properties.  MLA & APA
The "incredibly fast dictionary"
This easy to use online dictionary offers many different resources to provide ample definitions.
Fact Monster
A teen-friendly reference website from Information Please
How Stuff Works
It's good to know.
Internet Public Library TeenSpace
Information to help you with life, school, friends, and work
Know It Now 24x7
A quality online reference service
MLA Styles
MLA style rules for that paper

National Geographic
The website for the famous magazine

full-text versions of books

Smithsonian Institution for students
Explore subjects on Science/Nature, History/Culture, People/Places and more. 
Free online study guides and more
Spell Check
A fun spelling game designed to improve your spelling skills
Uses Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus to satisfy your word choice needs
What is Plagiarism?
Information on how to use resources the cheat-free way


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Stately Knowledge
IPL Kidspace takes you through the 50 states.
What Do Maps Show?
A guide to maps and reading them

Covers a broad area of health topics devoted to girl interests

BAM! Body & Mind
Finding health information has never been so fun!

Health Information for Teens
A list of fact sheets relating to teen health concerns compiled by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Health issues and other hot topics for teens -- a project of the Nemours Foundation


America’s Library
Full of primary resources on Americans, American history, states, culture, and more
Ben’s Guide to U.S. History Grades 6-8
Benjamin Franklin and his topical index will walk you through U.S. History.
Eyewitness to History
A chronologically categorized tour through history
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Good resources & links for American history
History Channel
History through the eyes of the beloved TV channel


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Jane Austen Information Page
An electronic text of Pride and Prejudice is available, as is information and links to other sites with details on Jane Austen. Great Books Online
A growing collection of full text reference works including dictionaries, encyclopedias, gazetteers, and style manuals in addition to works of poetry, folk and fairy tales, essays, and classic fiction.
The Biographical Dictionary
A good, general-purpose source of biographical information for identifying an extensive array of individuals and their accomplishments
The official website of the popular A&E network television series
The Brontë Web Site
This site is from Japan and offers excellent photographs and links to all kinds of resources on the Brontë family.
BSD: Biography Maker
Guides you through the ins and outs of writing an excellent biography paper.
CliffsNotes Literature Notes
Free study guides to classic literature -- download and view over your computer.
Charles Dickens Information Page
A very complete site from Japan on Charles Dickens, including links to a large number of additional resources.
Infoplease Biography
You can browse biographical entries by category, ethnicity, or alphabetically.
No Flying, No Tights
A graphic novel review site for teens, plus Sidekicks (for kids), and the Lair (for older teens and adults). Superheroes, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, crime and suspense, and just plain realism.
Orchard House -- Home of the Alcotts
Who was born on the 333rd day of the year, has had books on the bestseller list more than 100 years after her death, and has a crater on Venus named after her? Excellent collection of resources on this treasured author of Little Women.
Shakespeare for Kids: Activities for Children and Families
While working puzzles, answering quizzes, and learning new words, the user is learning about Shakespeare, his plays, and Elizabethan England.
Shakespeare: Subject to Change
A look at how words were developed, used, and changed during the printing process of Shakespeare's time. In later years, the advent of film allowed for further changes through the interpretation of different actors.
Timeless Hemingway
The site offers photos, FAQs, a family tree, trivia and links related to this famous American author.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Then and Now
A site on this work of Harper Lee created by students for a ThinkQuest project. Most useful for the study of the novel and the film.
Mark Twain and His Times
This site focuses on how "Mark Twain" and his works were created and defined, marketed and performed, reviewed and appreciated. The goal is to allow readers, scholars, students, and teachers to see what Mark Twain and others from his time said about each other, in ways that can speak to us today.
Writer’s Workshop Grammar Handbook
Enough rules to get you out of any grammatical bind
Young Adult Books Central
Book reviews by teens, author information, news releases about YA books and writers, blogs about books, and more. If you're looking for a good book to read, you're sure to find one here!



Includes an easy to navigate table of contents to direct you to Geometry assistance

Math Mistakes
Common math mistakes and how to avoid them

Explanations and sample problems for all kinds of math, K-8 through Calculus
A high school level math and computer science website that offers useful lessons and activities

Following an assessment test that gives you the results immediately, you can complete lessons and programs tailored to your needs. Printed worksheets also available.


Music Hall
A one-stop music metasite full of links for music history, instruments, musical styles, etc.
Music Notes
Full of information to study music history and applied music


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Encyclopedia Mythica
An encyclopedia that covers mythology, folklore, and legend. This website has searching capabilities, but it can also be searched from the many subject headings already in place.
Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology 
Works like an encyclopedia with two options to find information: a keyword search and index.

This site collects statistics for over 4,000 religions, churches, and denominations.  The statistics can be searched by location and religion.
Virtual Religion Index
Compiled in a topical index format that links to its large pool of websites devoted to religion


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AllPsych Online
A comprehensive psychology web resource

Amusement Park Physics
The world of physics explained through amusement park attractions

American Museum of Natural History: Resources for Learning
A collection of activities, articles, evidence, analysis, and more, for educators, families, students and anyone interested in teaching or learning about science

The Biology Project
An interactive biology learning resource from the University of Arizona

Cells Alive!
Oodles of images of cells, interactive tours of cells, and quizzes

Center for Disease Control
Offers health topics, fact sheets, tips, and a wealth of health information
A "virtual chemistry textbook to provide an interactive guide for high school chemistry students."
Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
Let the comic explain the periodic table for you.
Encyclopedia of Psychology
Over 2000 links to information about psychological theories.
NASA for Students Grades 5-8
Inspiration and information for earthbound middle school students
NASA for Students Grades 9-12
Inspiration and information for earthbound high school students.
OLOGY American Museum of Natural History Science Site
Everyone wants to know something.  Makes science learning rich and engaging.
Psych Central
A one-stop index for psychology, support, and mental health issues, resources, and people on the Internet.
Covers basic psychology concepts with interactive experiment examples
Science Buddies
Award winning one-stop shop for science fair projects and explanations!
Science Fair Central
A comprehensive handbook of science fair information, project ideas, suggested links, books and tip sheets

Scientific American
Let the publishers of Scientific American Magazine make exploring science fun.

Science, Optics, & You
Interactive Java Tutorials from Molecular Expressions


study aids

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Free study guides, literature essays, college application essays, editing services and free writing resources.  Founders and many staff graduated from Harvard University.  Some sections are "members only". 

High School Ace
Online Academic Hub for Teens -- Useful - Informative - Fun

Homework Now
Helping students find solutions online, anytime

Homeschooling Teens' Web Sites
A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling


Homework Spot
This web site has special sections for Elementary and Middle School students and links to other helpful sites.
National Geographic: Homework Help
Provides homework help for more than just geography and science. Homework Helper
A list of homework websites by subject created by
A collection of sites for homework help & college information
Study Guides & Strategies
Loaded with tips and information on study habits, learning styles, reading skills, research, math, and more


BBC News Country Profiles
Offers information on country history, economics, politics, culture, and more
World Factbook
Covers most all countries in some depth.

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