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Computers & Devices

The following services and computers may be of assistance in helping you utilize the library:


Assistive Technology

Aladdin Video Magnifier

Video Magnifier
  Arlene Bubon has donated her video magnifier to the library. You can place nearly any object in its viewer, even 3-dimensional items, and the screen will display a greatly magnified version. The machine is simple to use and is located near the window seating area at the Antigo main library.

Assistive Devices on Computers

  Zoom-Text Screen Magnifier This is installed on a computer
Turbo-Trac Mouse This large mouse is available for easier handling

Other Devices to Make Your Visit Easier

  Wheelchair There is a wheelchair located inside the Antigo library
  Hand-held Magnifiers Antigo also has a variety of portable, hand-held magnifiers for your use at the library

Computer Technology

Free Computer Classes at the Library

Backward Links:

  For a schedule of computer classes offered at APL, click here

Audio E-Books

  See E-Books and Audio Recording Databases

Computer Classes in the Community

  NorthCentral Technical College offers Antigo classes, distance learning, and other options