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Effects of Wolf Predation on Wisconsin Deer Populations -- May 16

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Do wolves have an impact on the white-tailed deer population in Wisconsin?  This is a question of great interest for Wisconsin residents.  Learn a little of the history of wolves and deer and the science behind their interaction, while we explore current research on the subject. Explore the deer/wolf equation as it also relates to hunting and the impacts of other predators.  This exploration will be led by Prof. Tim Van Deelen at the library on May 16.

Tim Van Deelen is a professor of wildlife ecology having worked as a researcher in several conservation agencies in the Great Lakes region. His teaching and research focuses on the conservation, management, and ecology of large mammals in the Great Lakes region with a special emphasis on white-tailed deer and wolves. Tim regularly advises natural resource agencies on policies that affect populations of large mammals.

The program begins at 6:30 p.m. in the library’s McGinley Room and is brought to Antigo by the Antigo Public Library Foundation.

Please join us for a fascinating discussion.

cloudLibrary is Launched


The library is now offering hundreds of popular eBooks through the cloudLibrary digital lending platform.  Offered at no cost to patrons, all that’s needed to get started is an active library card.

Our library’s eBook and eAudiobook collection includes popular, in-demand titles for both adults and young adults.  We will add additional titles to our digital collection monthly.  Use of cloudLibrary is restricted to patrons of the Antigo Public Library only.  This includes our branch library patrons, but not other members of the V-Cat consortium.

Links to cloudLibrary are now active! The first step is to download the cloudLibrary app onto the device(s) you wish to use.  The app is available in the Apple App store, Google Play Store, and Kindle Fire App Store.  You can also visit to download the app.  Alternatively, you can also install the Windows, Chromebook or Apple desktop applications.

While it will take us a little time to build up a significant library, we’re positive our patrons will enjoy the cloudLibrary platform.  It’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple to download titles, save reads for later, and even sync activity across multiple devices.  At this time, patrons can check out 3 items at one time and keep them for up to 14 days.  In addition, you can have up to 5 holds on titles. The number of checkouts and holds and length of borrowing time will increase as our collection size increases.

The cloudLibrary app is compatible with the following devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phones, Android Tablets, NOOK Tablets, NOOK eReaders, Kobo eReaders and Kindle Fires.

The library will continue to invest in OverDrive, but to shorten the long waiting periods for new titles, your library is making a separate investment in cloudLibrary focusing on high-demand, popular fiction.

New Game Room is Ready to Go!

Assorted games

Just a few of the games now available for enjoyment in the library

One of the new services of our renovated library is a room devoted to board and card games.  Open to any group, young and old, at any hour of the day, is a room equipped with a card table and chairs and a wide assortment of cards and games.

Among the games are:  a cribbage board, a checkers set, Risk, Scrabble, Clue, Sorry!, Uno cards, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Chinese checkers, Backgammon set, playing cards, Chess, Caton, Munchkins, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly, Pandemic, Dominion adventures, and more.

The games are intended to be used on site only, and will not be available to take out of the library. Instead, space has been found so that you can join with family and friends and enjoy a card or board game. Come and see what's available!

Is There a Mango in Your Pocket?

Mango Languages

We have a one yr. subscription, so make use of it!

Restricted to APL Patrons only

Use from a computer or any moblie device: your ticket to learning a new language is here! More than 70 languages at your fingertips.

For patrons of our main library and branches, this is your opportunity to learn to converse in another language. If using a desktop computer, you will need a headset with a microphone. If using a tablet or smartphone, your mic is built-in -- just download the mobile app! Access is a simple as your library barcode.

The first time you make the link, you will need to set up your profile using your library barcode, creating a username and password for yourself (look under the orange login button). Enjoy!

Introducing Miss Humblebee's Academy -- for Preschoolers

Register Your Child Today!

Miss Humblebee's Academy prepares your 3-6 yr old child for success in kindergarten and beyond! This interactive online learning program provides hundreds of lessons developed based on standards from the U.S.Dept. of Education, Head Start, and more. Children are guided toward kindergarten proficiency while completing fun activities that introduce key concepts in math, science and social studies, language and literacy, art, and music.

Sound cues allow children to work independently while assessements and progress reports measure improvements and allow you to track learning. Best of all, Miss Hunblebee's Academy is accessible on computers and tablets at home or on the go, making learning possible anytime and anywhere!

Stop by the library to pick up a Getting Started flyer with the password.

Pay Your Fines Online

For full instructions and FAQ, click on ECommerce FAQ

You can now pay your fines/charges online with the following credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Go to the library catalog (V-Cat), and log into your account (under My Library in upper left corner). You can pay one or more of any given charges, but you will not be able to pay only a portion of any one charge. There is a minimum of $3.00; payments for less than this amount will not be accepted. Payments will be secured and credited to your library account immediately.

Please be advised: the library staff CANNOT do this for you at the staff terminals. Library staff will NOT handle anyone's credit or debit cards.

Donation Criteria -- Effective Immediately

Recycling is a poor use of
tax dollars!

We always appreciate it when people think of the library, and we often receive some wonderful donations which we can use in the library or sell in the annual sale. For the last couple of years, however, we've been receiving donations of items which we have to immediately recycle, and we have to pay the costs of recycling with taxpayer dollars.

The avoid such a poor use of tax dollars, we have developed the following donation criteria, and all donations will be screened before they are accepted to eliminate the following:

  • Encyclopedia sets and old manuals
  • VHS tapes and textbooks
  • items which are in poor condition (mildew, smells, stains, mold, etc.)
  • Items which require repair: and
  • Items which are too old

We hope you will respect our wish to not waste tax dollars for recycling.

Wireless Access to End After Hours in Antigo and White Lake

No Wireless Access After Hours

The library staff in Antigo has been struggling for some time with people congregating around the building after hours to use the wireless.  Some of these people have been very destructive and disrespectful of public property.  The recent excellent landscaping work around the building has been trampled and torn up by some of these people, and the only reason they are gathering around the building at night is to access the wireless. It has, therefore, become necessary to eliminate access to the wireless when the library is not open.

“We are not happy with this necessity,” said Cynthia Taylor, Library Director.  “We would much prefer to be able to provide wireless access 24/7.  But the ongoing issues with property destruction, littering, and inappropriate behavior have forced us to adopt this action.”

Access will be restored again by 8:30 a.m. on Mondays through Saturdays.  The wireless will remain inaccessible on Sundays.

The Village of White Lake has asked the library to make the wireless inaccessible in the evenings and on weekends for the same reasons. At this village branch of the library, the wireless will be inaccessible after 6 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The Antigo Public Library recently kicked off its 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Club! This free program encourages you to read 1000 books with your child before he or she enters school—a goal experts say children need to help them learn to read for themselves.

One of the best ways to encourage learning is to spend time sharing books every day. Reading together helps develop important pre-reading skills that provide a solid literacy foundation—a key to school and learning success. Plus, sharing stories together is fun!

Also, there are gifts your child can earn for each step of the reading challenge, plus your child can earn stickers to affix to the giant houses we've constructed in the children's area of the library.

Sign up anytime by visiting the library!

Opt In to Text Alerts

cell phone

Cell phone users can opt in to receive text alerts. These alerts include: notice that an item you placed on hold is now available; courtesy notices for items coming due shortly; and overdue notices. Only the patron, however, can choose this option; the library staff cannot "turn on" this feature for you.

Receiving notices via text alert is the fastest means of receiving these notices.

If you're interested, under My Library on the V-Cat catalog home page, select My Account and then Modify Patron Information. Fill in your mobile number (even if you think we already have it), read the terms and conditions for receving alerts, check the Opt In box, and scroll to the bottom and click Submit. If you have previously chosen to receive email or phone notices, you will still receive these, but text alerts will be sent in addition to the other means.

You must have both an email account and a cell phone in order to opt in to text alerts.

Features of the Online Catalog

New Catalog


There are a number of new features in the Sierra online catalog, some of which will be new to patrons.

Reading History and Reading Lists
Patrons have long wanted to be able to keep lists of what they have already checked out from the library, as well as lists of what they want to read.  Now they can do just that!   Both are very useful tools, but they function quite differently.

  • Reading History
    Keeping a history of everything you check out in Sierra is not an option that every user wants.  Because of the Patriot Act, all such reading histories can be subject to subpoena.  However, users are given the option of opting in to this feature if they wish.  Sierra will NOT keep a Reading History unless you tell it to do so.
  • Reading Lists
    You can create multiple Reading Lists at any time in the catalog , and, from these lists, you can place holds on items.

Using the Book Bag
The book bag is a handy tool when  you want to request more than one item at a time or add more than one item to a reading list. Just as in an online store, you can collect items in a bag (similar to a shopping cart, but free) so that you can save time and effort in performing a single transaction rather than a multitude of individual ones. Fill up your bag and then request everything with one click, or put your bagged items in a saved list.