Unemployment Survival Tips

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Adjusting to Suddenly Reduced Income
Brochure discusses dealing with feelings, getting back to "normal", and reassessing how money will be spent. Includes helpful, downloadable worksheets. Provided by the University of MN Extension.

This is a serious and distressing consideration. Get some input from experts at the Wisconsin Bar Association or from the American Bankruptcy Institute Consumer Bankruptcy.
At the Wisconsin Bar Association site, click on "Legal Q & A," then "Continue," and then "Bankruptcy."
Benefits -- General
This is the Wisconsin ACCESS site, where you can determine if you are eligible for benefits. You can also find answers to common questions.
En Español: Este sitio del Internet es una manera rápida y fácil para que las personas que viven en Wisconsin vean si podrían obtener ayuda a través de los programas que tiene el Estado sobre salud, nutrición y otros.
For benefits from the U.S. government, visit Benefits.gov
For free credit reports, call 1-877-322-8228 or go to AnnualCreditReport Online.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) web site offers information on credit and loans, debt collection, foreclosures & mortgages, as well as a link to the free credit reports. Explore the pages cited under "Quick Finder" in these subject areas for assistance.
elaws--Health Benefits Advisor
Site explains your right to enroll in a group health plan when certain work or life events occur, regardless of the plan's enrollment dates. Also explains your right to continue group health plan coverage temporarily, when certain work or life events might otherwise cause coverage to end. NOTE: Does not provide information on any specific plan.
Home Energy Assistance
The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) administers the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Public Benefits Energy Assistance Program. You can apply for these programs from this site. Also, you can apply for weatherization assistance from some of the stimulus money from this site.
There are two federal resources regarding foreclosures. First, the Federal Reserve: click on "Consumer Information," then "Mortgage Foreclosure Resources." This site also offers information on how to avoid foreclosure scams, and a credit card repayment calculator.
The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) web site offers information on the Making Home Affordable Program as well as guidance on how to avoid foreclosure.
Health Care Services
Information on Wisconsin's Badger Care+ Program is useful describing benefits and in helping you determine your eligibility.
Also, COBRA (Continuation Health Insurance Coverage) information is available from the Dept. of Labor (U.S.) by clicking on "COBRA Assistance under ARRA" under the "New and Noteworthy" section.
How to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure
Information page from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Answers to common homeowner questions about foreclosure and links to additional resources.
Job Center of Wisconsin
In the right hand section, titled "Statewide Workforce Links," there is a link called "Information for Laid Off Workers." At this page, there are numerous links to help you with personal finances, some legal issues, health and pension benefits, job training, and much more!
Lost Your Job?
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development web page has information about applying for unemployment insurance benefits, resources for finding a job, and links to other services available to those who are out of work.

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) MN. Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Site has information to help people gain control of their finances and answers to frequently asked questions about debt, credit, and bankruptcy. LSS also offers free online, in-person, and phone counseling (nothing comparable in WI).

Managing Between Jobs
The UW-Extension offers 16 informational flyers in PDF format. At this site, click on "Money" under the Home & Family section, then click on "Managing Between Jobs."
Money-Stretching Tips
The U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission offers advice with its site MyMoney.gov
Also, you may find some useful links at WI Lieutenant Governor Barbara's Guide for Penny Pinchers.
National Employment Law Project
This site offers information on the status and legal guidelines about living and minimum wages, immigrants and work, criminal records and employment, unemployment insurance, and more. There are also tools for Economic and Workforce Development, labor market research, and Enforcement of Workplace Standards.
State of Wisconsin
This is the general state site. On the far left menu, click "Public Services;" this will take you to another page. In the center of this page, you'll find a section for "Quick Lists--New!" Select this for assistance with the ACCESS program, other food assistance programs, homeless programs and sites, as well as sites which target the elderly, children and the disabled.
Wisconsin Dept. of Children and Families offers information on health and nutrition programs (Access), BadgerCare Plus, Wisconsin Covenant Program, Women Infants & Children Program (WIC), Birth to 3 Program, and others.
It also offers information on the W2 program.
Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services offers information about BadgerCare, SeniorCare, Family Care, Food Share, and other programs.
Workforce Development Center
On this site, look to the right-hand column called "Quick Links." There are numerous resources here to help you with challenges like health care, transportation, child care, jobs and more.
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