Company Research

Annual Report Service - PRARS
Provides annual reports without charge, and covers thousands of public companies. Free annual reports can be requested through the Internet, fax, or 800 number. Internet requests require an e-mail address.

Site provides information on public and private companies throughout the world and links to company profiles from many investment sources. Can be searched by name or ticker symbol. Registration is required for some services.
Links to businesses in 65,000 categories

Forbes Company Lists
Forbes Magazine company rankings lists, including the Forbes 500, 200 Best Small Companies and the Largest Private Companies. Sort options are available.

is sponsored by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The file contains the annual report on Form 10-K required of all publicly traded companies. FreeEDGAR provides, at no cost, real-time enhanced access to the SEC's EDGAR files. FreeEDGAR requires free registration.
Hoover's Online
Hoover's features a database of information on more than 50,000 public and private corporations. Includes company profiles, financials, competitors, key people and current news. Subscription options are available for more detailed information.

is the authority for finding 45 million free company profiles covering large to small firms worldwide and their related industries and products. Register for free business profiles.

Monster Company Boulevard's company research tool where you can find company profiles

Researching Companies Online
Business research tutorial developed by a computer-based trainer offers a step-by-step approach to finding free business information on the web.
Comprehensive online resource for finding companies and products manufactured in North America. Contains information on more than 180,000 U.S. and Canadian companies. Search by company name, product category and brand name. Free registration is required for some advanced features.

Find employee surveys, employer rankings, view recruiting videos, and insider information on over 3,000 companies.

Find profiles on countless national and international corporations and companies.

Yahoo! Companies
Extensive company list by industry category or region.
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