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Great Web Sites ratings for age appropriateness
If you're at home, grab your library card and discover a fun way to learn more about art. (You will be asked to enter your barcode no. - then pick the icon for Searchasaurus.) If you are inside the library, click here. For earlier elementary grades
Kids Search
Art is one of the searchable topics at this site. If you're at home, you'll need your library barcode no. After you enter it, pick the icon for Kids Search. If you are inside the library, click here. For later elementary grades
Albright-Knox Art Games
This interactive site engages children in art activities that help them to learn about artists and the works of art in the collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY.
American Treasures
Divided into three main areas -- Memory, Reason, and Imagination -- with aproximately 20 items in each, this site is exceptionally rich. It is to be a continuously updated exhibit at the Library of Congress.
Search for artists, artworks, museums and much more!


Artist's Toolkit
An excellent place to learn about the tools that artists use. Explore elements such as line, color, and balance by watching animated demonstrations, creating your own compositions, and watching video clips of artists in action.
A Visual Arts Dictionary The Impressionists
Find out more about the lives of Degas, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, and other impressionists.
This site is well worth visiting if you are interested in learning about the basics of cartoon animation. Created by a teenager, there are simple tutorials that help you understand the concepts of frame by frame animation.
Carving at Skidegate
Photographs and text indicate the elaborate nature of totem pole carving.
The Imagination Factory
This site provides art activities using recycled materials. Ideas and clear directions can be found for painting, drawing, scupture, printmaking, fiber arts, and crafts from recycled media.
  Incredible Art Department - Just For Kids
Incredible art sites for kids!
  A Lifetime of Color
Explore art at this colorful and fun website!
Clear instructions and elegant models in the traditional Japanese art of paperfolding from Joseph Wu in Japan. Contains links to many other origami sites, including "How to Make an Origami Crane."
This extensive site offers an origami world to explore, an opportunity to design cities with fold paper models, basic techniques and tips, and a studio with clear directions for folding more than 70 forms, as well as poetry and games.
The Renaissance Connection
Sponsored by the Allentown Art Museum, this interactive web site provides engaging activities while teaching about the Renaissance's artists and history.
The artist provides samples of her work in the form of printable paper toys and crafts. Various holidays are represented as well as more generic toys. Stories and the artist's online journal are available to read.
World Wide Art Gallery
See examples of art done by children from around the world, and connect to links of art activities and information about art and art history.
Zoom by Kids, For Kids
This site offers games, activities, projects and more. Play along or submit your own activities.
  Destination Modern Art
Blast off to the Museum of Modern Art!  Activities are designed for children ages 5-8. The site also includes overviews of some famous artists.
  Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Utterly fabulous site combining multiple museum holdings in an over 75,000-item database. Images are excellent.
  Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The fully-searchable database allows the user to search by subject, artist, keyword, and more amount over 45,000 records and 27,000 digital images.
  Metropolitan Museum of Art - Explore & Learn
Visit this site for activities, games, information, and an excellent timeline of art history.
  National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Contains the largest collection of Canadian art in the world. Contains a virtual tour. Includes sections on Innuit Art, Contemporary Art, and European, American, and Asian art.
  NGA Kids (National Gallery of Art)
Explore stories in art, take a post card tour of one of the galleries, get directions for art activities and projects, and more.
  WebMuseum, Paris
This is an exciting collection of resources on many subjects ranging from Paul Cezanne, to information on Paris, to Medieval art treasures. Many images can be enlarged for closer viewing.