Help Us Save Time and Money with E-mail

If you give us your e-mail address, we will use it to:

  • let you know materials you want are here
  • send you notices if something is overdue

This will save you time, and it will save us some money.


You probably put a lot of holds on material that you want. When it arrives here in Antigo, we call you on the phone and let you know it's here. Although we try to do this efficiently, sometimes we aren't able to make these phone calls for a few hours. It also takes staff time to make these calls. By giving us your e-mail address, a notice that the material is here and waiting for you will be sent automatically as soon as the item is checked in at your library.


We mail out a number of overdue notices every week -- quite a few, if truth be told. This costs us money for the mailers and for postage. These are taxpayer dollars we are spending -- your money -- and we don't like to waste public dollars. If you give us your e-mail address, these notices will arrive in your Inbox much quicker than by snail mail, saving you additional fines as well.

Your Privacy

Under NO circumstances will we ever divulge or sell your e-mail address to an outside third party. Our database is secure, and your private and personal information is just that. Private.

But a Word of Caution

Just as you would with your phone number and mailing address, you need to let us know when you change that e-mail address. As the library's circulation policy says, you are responsible for advising us of any change in address, phone number or, in this case, your e-mail address. If your overdue notices fail to reach you because you've moved or have a different e-mail address, you are still responsible. We are not.

If You Think Saving Taxpayer Dollars is a Good Idea

Stop at the desk and tell the staff that you want to use your e-mail address to receive all notices from the library. Make sure they have recorded the exact address, noting any case sensitive spelling. The change will be effective immediately.

And, thank you!