Content features of Career Library:

  • Over 2,500 occupations, Cool Jobs, and post-secondary career paths
  • Nearly 4,000 2-yr and 4-yr Colleges & Universities
  • Surveys and Assessments based on the 16 federal career clusters (también en español)
  • ASVAB, COPS/CAPS, Holland Alignment
  • Multiple Search Entry Points for Career and College searching
  • Comprehensive Financial Aid Center
  • Occupation Video Library (también en español)
  • State-specific data on resources, job searches, scholarships and more
  • Regularly updated test preparation for GED, ACT/SAT and Proficiency

Career Library
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Exploraton Center Resource Center
This component lets users assess career interests and explore information pertaining to occupations and higher education. It contains interest and skills assessments, connecting results to a career cluster and/or occupation list. It provides various search options and important information including: Occupation Search, College Search, Financial Aid Information, Apprenticeships, Military Occupations, College Majors, State-specific Data, Occupation Video Library (English y español), and more. This segment lets users search for web resources related to colleges/universities, careers, curriculum, and much more. It provides information on items including: "Cool Jobs" (job profiles on up-and-coming or out-of-the-ordinary careers), Web Resources, Full Text Articles, Standards-aligned Curriculum, Occupation Video Library (English y español), State-specific Data, and more.
Planning Center
This component lets users obtain printable resources and gather information that will assist with planning to enter the higher education community or the workforce. It includes resources such as a resume builder, as well as college and career planning checklists.
Activity Center
This component offers ways for users to test their knowledge on history, vocabulary, math, English, and occupations in an engaging environment. It includes items such as Interactive Quizzes on history and vocabulary, online polls, sample proficiency & standardized test questions, GED sample tests and more.
A dedicated technical support section, this component provides items such as documents to hand out to student and adult users, Help files, FAQs and more.